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Computer Science Student of Universitas Indonesia
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“Team works makes the dream works.” You’ve probably heard that quote multiple times before. With the rising of startups and successful company trying to make their workplace a joyful place to work, then that quote is not just a repetitive cliché, but it is a goal to make your team more dynamic. Let’s jump to it!

Team Dynamics

Team dynamics are a group with a stellar mix of knowledge and expertise — with knowing each members personality and strengths. Those dynamics are created by every personalities involved and how they interact with each other. …

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Humans are social creature. It can affects our mental health and happiness. That’s why social skills is needed to succeeding workplace. Social skills is essential to make your workspace more lively and have a good relationship with others.

To become what they called a People Person, you can start with these:

Be an empathy person

Try to be more empathic. Many people confused between sympathy and empathy. Sympathize is to feel for the other person, while empathize is to view other person’s point of view while not make any judgement. When a person having a breakdown, don’t say you feel sorry for him/ her…

Empowering App Development for Developers — Docker

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Let’s say you wanna deploy your app to a host — or other developers wanna try the app in their computer, but you have to make sure your app can run smoothly on a different environment. Before cloud computing is not that common, you can use BASH script to install your app dependencies in host. Now, there is many cloud computing service for everyone and faster/ easier deployment is key to make your app more available and reachable.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open platform that package your application and run it on a semi-isolated…

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Why do I need to mock our API call? Hmm well let’s see some scenarios

  • the API is down — how do you test your code if the API itself is down
  • the API is changed — you know that your code should work, but you don’t know that just now the API just changed is return call. Then, you must change your code to pass the test
  • you gave up — skipping the API call function test and don’t care if the coverage falls down

Well actually, your task is to process the returned API call. And no, no…

Looking back the code when the days I don’t know about Clean Code (or lazy), I having a hard time to re-understand it cause I just randomly assign variables with uninformative names.

Now let’s try to avoid that mistake with Clean Code.

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What is Clean Code and Why?

“Clean code is code that has been taken care of. Someone has taken the time to keep it simple and orderly. They have paid appropriate attention to details. They have cared.” — Robert C. Martin

Clean code is a code that can be read, understood, and modified conveniently. That is the basic concept of it, because you write…

User Interface enables user to interact with the system, but User Experience makes user loves or hates your product. We’re gonna walkthrough on how to design your product from scratch using 10 Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics

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First, Wireframe

Sounds cool right? Wireframe is an architectural blueprint of your product or people usually called it low fidelity (lo-fi) design. As a designer, wireframe helps you understand how your product structured, user flow, functionality, and intended behaviors.

Wireframe is a common practice in design process. …

What went wrong?

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Most of you already know how TDD works, “Test First, Code Later” or following the cycle below.

“the stupid content tracker” — Linus Torvalds, creator of Git

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Linus Torvalds creates Git as a Version Control System with speed and efficiency ranging from small to big projects. But first, what is a Version Control System?

Version Control System

Version Control System (VCS) is a software tools that keeps track of every modification to the code. If mistakes happen, VCS can turn back and compare earlier versions of the code to compare and fix their mistakes.

The most used VCS right now is Git, and the reason is that Git is more widely distributed than other VCSs. GitHub and GitLab being the…

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“How making a fake user can make our design process easier?”

Yep, that is the expected reaction from reading the title. Creating persona for most people is a hassle in design process, because it is a lengthy and costly process. So why?

Lets say I making my not well-known cousin family dinner and they demand chicken, and you are thinking, “What I am gonna do with the chickens?” Then you are making the wrong one cause they don’t like your cooked chicken. …

In digital industry, every company battling their feature set over others to ensure they are the best in the industry. Choosing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for application development is crucial and Waterfall SDLC is not effective and fast enough, because the product is always changing and evolving whereas Waterfall is a one time development. We need faster and more flexible SDLC to accommodate business changes and user needs.

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Due to that, Kent Back and 16 other authors come up with new ways for software development reflected into four values:

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools,

Working Software

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