Build The Dream Team with Team Dynamics

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“Team works makes the dream works.” You’ve probably heard that quote multiple times before. With the rising of startups and successful company trying to make their workplace a joyful place to work, then that quote is not just a repetitive cliché, but it is a goal to make your team more dynamic. Let’s jump to it!

Team Dynamics

Team dynamics are a group with a stellar mix of knowledge and expertise — with knowing each members personality and strengths. Those dynamics are created by every personalities involved and how they interact with each other. With that, it can increase team performance and productivity.

How to Make your Team more Dynamic?

There’s many things than everyone can do to make their team more dynamics. Probably someone teams method not working on others, mostly because of having different personalities trait between members — so here is some concept that you can use.

Team Capacity Building

Team Building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing members into a cohesive team — a group of people organized to work together to meet their goals. It creates stronger bonds between each other members and make everyone respect each others differences and sharing common goals.

Team Building can be done by daily interaction to engage with others or with event activities. Usually team leaders or Human Resource Department (HRD) conducts the event. Getting to know each others and creating good or silly stories can create stronger bonds within each others.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a concept where the leaders role not just to lead, but to serve also — where this puts people or employees at the very top and the leader at the bottom. These kind of leaders possess a server-first mindset, and they are focused on empowering and uplifting peoples — and always looking to enhance their people to their highest potential and creativity.

Many companies adopt this concept. Because this type of leadership closing the opportunity for leaders to be “bossy”. And also it can make a good bond between leader and co-workers without feeling pressured — also improves team dynamics.

On how we implement these concepts on PPL AbangNona team

Because we implement Agile Scrum method, we conduct daily sprint meeting to report on how each members doing and the project progress. These daily sprint meeting is also one of ways to do Team Building, like when Scrum Master conduct mini games to getting know each other.

Daily Sprint Meeting

Sprint Retrospective can also be used to do Team Building. In Spring Retrospective, each members can evaluate each others when things are good or bad and also expressing their thoughts on how the team should do and avoid in the next sprint.

Sprint Retrospective Board

Agile method also applying Servant Leadership concept, where one of Scrum Master role is serving the developers — by hearing their concerns and encourage others.

Our Scrum Master (Tulip)

When the team already know each others, then appropriate jokes is more then welcome.

Some Jokes

Team Dynamics can be done with Team Building and a leader with Servant Leadership concept. Increasing your Team Dynamics can benefit both ways — make the team happier and more bonded — and increase team and company productivities.

That’s all I have for Team Dynamics, feel free to read my other articles!


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