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Humans are social creature. It can affects our mental health and happiness. That’s why social skills is needed to succeeding workplace. Social skills is essential to make your workspace more lively and have a good relationship with others.

To become what they called a People Person, you can start with these:

Try to be more empathic. Many people confused between sympathy and empathy. Sympathize is to feel for the other person, while empathize is to view other person’s point of view while not make any judgement. When a person having a breakdown, don’t say you feel sorry for him/ her. Instead, try cheering them up — cheering people can boost their morality and confidence.

Creative in a way to make your question — answer more engaging and personal. Try to include more personality in your questions or answers like adding what are you doing last night or what are planning in the next hours in the sentences.

People love talking about themselves. The more curious or interest you show for the person, the more they finds you interesting. Also, asking others how they doing can make their day.

Asking others

Don’t cut off while the person is talking, it shows you disrespect them. People generally don’t like it when its their time to talk, but someone is cutting off in the middle of something. Just listen, listen first, before you reply them.

Try to control your tone while talking. When you’re surprised, make your tone higher — when you’re trying to explain something, make your tone balance. So others knows what feelings you’re trying to convey — to avoid misinterpretation.

Be optimist that your co-worker can do their job and can finish it — although you need to know your surroundings, you don’t need to know every bit of progress per hour. Trust them.

In online pandemic era, it’s hard to keep in touch with others. Before, you can see them everyday and you can see how are they doing just by looking. To tackle that, in out PPL Project, we implement Sprint Agile method to make keep in touch easier — with daily sprint meeting (per 2 day), we know how our project progressing. And when daily sprint meeting is not possible, we do Code Together Night to help others on their problems, and also other interesting stuffs, like our cats :D

when we’re bored (bahasa)

AND DON’T FORGOT, thanking others when they finish their job can make them feel relieved that they know their taken time is noticed.

Being a people person is not hard, you just need to be more open to others — so they know that you’re an interesting and enjoyable person to talk to.

That’s all I have for People Person — feel free to read my recent articles!


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